7 Travel Tips for Stress-Free Flying


Flying is not something that comes naturally to anyone. Even if it’s easy for you, it’s not something that our bodies are naturally accustomed to. Though 2.7 million travelers move in and out of American airports each day, this doesn’t mean that they all enjoy the experience. For some people, the initial anxieties about flying don’t go away after the first couple of flights. Flying can be the root of a phobia, causing stress no matter how short or simple the flight is. No matter why flying stresses you out, however, there are some travel tips for flying to ease that stress.

1. Stay Hydrated

It’s actually quite easy to forget to drink as much water as you should while you’re flying. When you’re not well-hydrated, your organs are not properly nourished. It’s easier for you to get distracted, and easier for you to get stressed as well.

2. Bring a Pillow

It can be hard to get comfortable while you’re flying. However, it’s a lot easier to do so when you use something to help you get comfortable. One of the easiest things to bring on a plane is a neck pillow.

3. Consider Anxiety Medication

Everyone is different, and in some cases, flight stress can be treated through medication. It’s important to ensure that you’re fully informed by your doctor before you start taking medication.

4. Practice Positive Thinking

Try to be mindful as you experience stress related to flying. Practice mindfulness, and try to focus on the positives that the flight will bring you.

5. Bring a Distraction

Whether you’re passing an hour or ten hours on a plane, you may eventually get tired of your in-flight movie, if that’s an option on your flight. Consider bringing a book or some music with you to keep you occupied.

6. Keep Moving

If you have the ability to get up and move around during your flight, try to do so. This will get your blood circulating and prevent muscle soreness.

7. Make a List

Try to make a list of things to do as you prepare for your flight. This can simplify the flying process, and make your flight less stressful.

Even if you don’t love flying, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Try to rethink how you approach your flights and have a better experience!