Winter 2021 Airline Travel


The Uptick in Travel

Pre-pandemic, about 2.7 million people arrived and departed from U.S. airports every day. COVID slowed travel down tremendously, but according to the experts, things are slowly getting back to normal. As a matter of fact, it seems that people are making up for lost time.

Many people are planning to travel this winter during the winter holidays to see friends and family that they were not able to see last year. There is a predicted 54.3 million people that plan on traveling this winter, the highest increase in travel since 2005.

Making Winter 2021 Airline Travel Easier

One of the best ways to prepare for your winter trip is to check destination requirements for vaccinations. If you are traveling abroad, check to make sure that your destination country is allowing visitors from the U.S. (this can change daily) and, if they are allowing Americans into the country, if you will need to provide proof of vaccination. Many countries will not allow you to enter their country unless you are vaccinated.

Plan for long delays at the airport. Check your airport flight schedule and plan on arriving two hours before your flight is set to depart. Winter travel can often be chock full of delays because of the winter weather conditions around the country. Stay on top of your airport flight schedule to ensure you are aware of any changes to your plans.

Stay Flexible

You may run into some delays this travel season, but staying flexible in your travel plans can work to your advantage. If you find yourself on an overbooked flight and you can give up your seat, you can wind up with a travel voucher, free meals, and even an overnight stay in a decent hotel.

Take Advantage of the Great Deals

Airlines are offering great travel deals to encourage people to get back to traveling. It is not too late to check our airport flight schedule and find a great flight at a great rate. Book your flight today.